Here at Alarms Plus Security and Communications, we aren’t limited to any cookie cutter solution to your  security needs. Your specific needs and budget are taken into consideration in our proposal for services. Alarms Plus can put together equipment to monitor all or part of your home or business. Every installation is different. What works well for one site might be impracticable for another. Our personal attention to details and our many years of experience allows our team to provide a great, workable system for you.

Alarms and communications go hand in hand so it only makes sense to include communications into our offerings of superior service. We do data cabling for computer networks, video surveillance, alarm systems, and phone switches. We can install process control cabling as needed.

No matter your need, whether residential, industrial, or commercial, make us your first call and we promise you won’t need to make those other calls!

Give us a call at Alarms Plus for a no cost, no hassle consultation.

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Ben Shiflett