Fire Alarm System can be basic in a small area with just a noise maker to alert you to an emergency. You may want to consider an audio alert system that announces over a speaker system that announces what to do in an emergency. Don’t depend on those out of date systems. Your system should use the state of the art devices that check for all the potential hazards that are also capable on determining the area affected.

Alarms Plus Security Fire system provides unparalleled protection — designed to ensure the safety of personal and property.

Developing an overall Fire Safety program requires knowledge of all aspects of the protection systems. We can help with the automated and manual fire alert functions. Automated fire suppression systems can save lives and assets. Fire escape routes, signage, and training procedures need to be in place. Fire drills and safety training should be conducted on a regular basis.

Planning is critical to any fire safety system automated fire alert devices in every area is critical to early detection of a fire. Voice fire alarms systems tell personnel that their is a fire and what to do — helps prevent panic and confusion.

Correct safety equipment and training of their use can save lives. Rope ladders and fire escapes are a must in your planning development process. Don’t leave this critical part of your company’s to a fire system that is out of date. We can provide a full solution approach to your fire protection and prevention processes. A monitored alarm system can help catch a little problem before it becomes a big problem.

Add features such as texting and emailing of alarm signals, or our remote service.

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